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Trust Securities & Brokerage Limited

Established in 1993, Trust Securities and Brokerage Limited is a public limited brokerage firm with a singular focus on providing robust and cutting-edge brokerage solutions. Over two decades of operational excellence vis-à-vis client satisfaction and risk management have earned us a tremendous respect in the industry. Our horizon is infinitely broad as imagination is limitless. Cutting-edge technology, teamwork, and a client-centric approach have been pivotal to our success. The reason our perspective matters and we continue to be pertinent to our individual and institutional clients is that we have rewired our brains to giving back. This mantra has facilitated us to create tremendous value for our clients and shareholders. We believe everyone is a partner.


To create a viable and a diversified brokerage and financial services business dedicated to creating continuous value for our clients, fully compliant with the letter and spirit of the laws, while earning profits for our shareholders and crafting a workplace which attracts the best talent and enables us to train and retain them.


To be a top tier brokerage and financial service company in Pakistan, with innovation, discipline and integrity at the heart of our business involved in creating real value, impacting clients and shareholders.

Permissible Business Activities

The Company is principally engaged in brokerage of share, stock, equity and debt securities, commodities, forex, and other financial instruments and corporate financial services.
Further the company is also engaged in trading in equity and debt securities on its own account through ready, spot and forward counters of the stock exchange.

The Company And Its Operation

The Company was incorporated in Pakistan on October 19,1993 as a Public Limited Company under the repealed Companies Ordinance, 1984 (Now Companies Act, 2017). The company is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The Company is the Trading Right Entitlement Certificate holder of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and a member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited .